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New AI Feats Just Keep Coming

A novel written by artificial intelligence made it past the first round of judging in a Japanese writing contest. One interesting thing the article says is that the AI was given words, sentences, guidelines, yet it wrote the story autonomously. That … Continue reading

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Encryption Backdoors for the Good Guys? No Such Thing.

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver covered the importance of encryption and not allowing backdoors for law enforcement. In short, there’s no such thing as a backdoor that will only work for the ‘good guys’. If there’s a tool or … Continue reading

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The ROI for Learning a Foreign Language

An interesting Freakanomics podcast about the return on investment from learning a foreign language. Interestingly, English speakers in the U.S. learning a second language garner, on average, a 2% increase in pay (it changes based on which foreign language one … Continue reading

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Technology in the Language Learning Classroom

I recently came across The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages’ position statement on the use of technology in the language learning classroom. In short:  “There is currently no definitive research to indicate that students will acquire a … Continue reading

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