2016 ⇔ 2017

The end of the year was spent in Shanghai and Thailand.

I was able to knock two things off my bucket list:

  • Visited Shanghai Disneyland – which means I have now visited every Disney park in the world.
  • Got certified (along with my girlfriend) for open water diving.

Shanghai Disneyland just opened in June, so the park is pretty sparse. Not many rides. Tron is fun, but their version of Pirates of the Caribbean is amazing. Line jumping was out of control. There are signs all over the park and in the maps / guides telling people not to jump line. Yet they did anyway. It quickly became pointless to argue.

Diving was great. Went to New Heaven Diving School in Thailand. The entire course was open water – no training in a pool beforehand. The sights were amazing. Sadly, I missed one dive due to seasickness. But I was able to do all remaining dives and get my certification.

What has been really tragic, though, is that just days after we left, the island was hit by a massive monsoon. Forty-eight straight hours of rain flooded most of the island.

2017 is here. And soon, the world will look very different than it does today. If you want a meta-view of The Media and what’s going on in the world, follow Dan Rather on Facebook. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy New Year, be good to yourself. Make 2017 the year you get serious about your online security.

New Year’s Beach Party in Thailand

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